◆Project Management Division
   ●Planning and Coordination Section
     ・Planning Subsection
     ・Information Subsection
   ●Management Section
     ・Administration Subsection
     ・Purchasing Subsection

 ◆Coastal Productivity and Environment Division
   ●Coastal Oceanography Section
   ●Tidal Zone Environment Section
   ●Fisheries Ecology Section

 ◆Harmful Algal Bloom Division
   ●Harmful Phytoplankton Section
   ●Toxic Phytoplankton Section
   ●Harmful Algae Control Section

 ◆Environmental Chemistry Division
   ●Ecotoxicology Section
   ●Ecological Chemistry Section

 ◆Stock Enhancement and Management Division
   ●Stock Management Section
   ●Stock Enhancement Section
   ●Stock Enhancement Technology Section

 ◆Hakatajima Station

 ◆Momoshima Station

 ◆Research Vessel "Shirafuji Maru"