Current Subjects

According to the basic principles of “securing stable supply of fisheries products” and “sound development of fisheries,” which are provided in the “Fisheries Basic Act,” we focus on the following studies to implement the 3rd midterm plans (2011-2015 fiscal year) of the Fisheries Research Agency.
1. For sustainable utilization of important fishery resources in the Seto Inland Sea, such as Japanese anchovy and Spanish mackerel, we assess the condition of the resources and provide scientific information for fishermen and the government.
2. For stable management of coastal fishing households, we develop technologies to enhance and manage the resources of species whose catches have been remarkably decreasing, including bivalves such as Manila clam, prawns, and fishes like red-spotted grouper and devil stinger, by optimal combination of stocking seedlings, fisheries management and improvement of fishing ground.
3. For the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the coastal area of Seto Inland Sea, we develop restoring techniques for seaweed beds and tidal flats.
4. To prevent the discoloration of cultured seaweed and to promote the recovery of marine productivity, we develop techniques for adding nutrient salts to compensate for their decrease in sea water.
5. Aiming at the alleviation of damage to fisheries, suffered by harmful algae in cases of red tide, we develop effective monitoring techniques, occurrence forecast techniques, and damage prevention techniques.
6. To improve the bottom sediment of coastal areas, we study the effects of chemicals on the coastal ecosystem and develop efficient techniques for removing the chemicals from the environment, using the environment cleaning function which some organisms possess.
7. To assist the foundation of new regional aquaculture industries in view of export of the products, we develop an onshore aquaculture system, using a closed recirculating aquaculture system.